About us

Welcome to Hatec Industrie-Montagen

Hatec Industrie-Montagen is specialized on assembly, maintenance and services in plant engineering. Hatec Industrie-Montagen is a highly experienced team and our long term commitment is to support our customers and help them to succeed. Hatec Industrie-Montagen is part of the Hatec Group.

Our locations are strategically located in Mülheim and Duisburg. The section in Duisburg has a focus on services in plant engineering for the petrochemical industry and oil terminals. In Duisburg Hatec Industriemontagen is strategically located in the Duisburg harbor which is the largest inland port in Europe.

Our simple philosophy is that you are never so good that there is no room for improvement. That is why we keep our focus to find products, possibilities and solution which are better than the previous.